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Translations for Corporate Clients

Our technical translation rates are determined based on various factors involved in the translation process, such as: complexity of the subject matter, document format attributes, software tools required to build the final translation product, project size, turn-around requirements.

To provide you with a translation cost estimate, we would need to see a representative sample of the source document, or the entire document.

To submit a request for a technical translation quote, please use our contact information.

Translations for Individual Clients

Written Translations

Description of Service Rate
Personal correspondence. Price per word.
  • Short documents (under 250 words) - $0.10 per word
  • Handwritten originals - $0.12 per word
  • Non-Cyrillic Russian originals in phonetic presentation (using English letters) - $0.15 per word
  • Turn-around options:
    (1) regular: 2-3 business days
    (2) expedited service: business days - $0.10 per word; holidays and weekends - $0.15 per word
Translation of USCIS (INS) and other official documents. Price per one-page standard document, such as Diploma, Birth Certificate or Certificate of Divorce. Includes translator's signed certification embossed with our company's official seal, postage and handling (US mail regular mail).
  • Additional $10.00 per document if you need it notarized (typically, our company's official embossing seal will suffice)
  • Each additional certified copy - $10.00
  • Apostille attached to any source document is a separate one-page document and is translated and charged as such
Please always contact us for a translation price estimate of specific documents.
Over the phone translation of personal correspondence and other short documents. Price per document (average). $25.00
Other than personal correspondence. Please contact us for a translation quote.

Interpreter Assisted 3-way Calling

Description of Service Rate
Price per minute. Minimum $25.00. Weekend service available at 50% extra. Customer initiates a 3-way phone call to Russia/Ukraine. Long distance charges are customer's responsibility. Prior appointments are strongly suggested.  $1.35

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